Cat care journal in english

Cat Care Journal – Now, In English!

The bullet journal for your cat that everyone talks about!

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A few days ago I presented my new project: The «Cat care Journal».

This last year I have dedicated myself to digital drawing, specifically with Procreate, and I have learned a lot.

Practice and dedication led me to have the opportunity to illustrate my first book: The Cat care Journal.

What is the "Cat care journal"?

The «Cat care Journal» is a bullet journal for kittens. With this dotted planner, you will be able to keep track of the routines, aspects of behavior, food, health … of your pet.

Includes a monthly planner and a weekly planner. In them, you can point out important aspects such as: visits to the vet, inappropriate behaviors that need to be improved, medication, vaccination, when they need a bath, when we have brushed their hair, what we need to buy, etc.

In addition, it includes pages to paste your photos and thus have a very nice memory of your years.

What's so special about this Bullet Journal?

This planner is unlike anything you have seen on the market today. To start with, it includes original drawings, made by me through the Procreate App. You can practice your lettering, since its dotted pages are designed to release your creativity. Each page of the book is fully designed and thought to keep track of your kitten. It is not a planner with blank sheets! It is a dotted planner with pages designed by a company dedicated to design.

Design with Peripage

In this Bullet Journal for cats, you will find ideas to design your notebook with the new Peripage A6 that I presented to you a few months ago.

Remember that you have my video on Youtube with ideas to make your Bullet Journal with this mini thermal printer.

Print and color my drawings

At the end of the Journaling, you will find all my drawings to color. If you have the Peripage, you will know that you can photograph and print them with their thermal paper so that you can put them where you want.

cat care journal april
Cat Care Journal April month planner
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